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Universities / Laboratory

Laboratories often work with gases during experimentation. Like many other gaseous environments, it is important for laboratories to have the right continuous emission monitoring system on hand to properly monitor and mitigate these gases. It is not only important to have a CEMS to meet regulatory standards, but also to keep your employees, laboratory and the environment safe. University laboratories will also require these same precautions. If you need help finding the right emission analyzer for your laboratory, MRU Instruments has the professional emission monitoring systems you need.

In a laboratory setting, you will be dealing with multiple gases. In order to properly monitor these gases, you will need an emission analyzer that can detect multiple gases. Thankfully, MRU Instruments carries a wide variety of multi-gas analyzers for a university and laboratory setting. Whether you need a stationary, portable, or handheld continuous emission monitoring system, MRU Instruments has a great selection of professional devices to choose from.

If you haven’t already invested in a CEMS for your laboratory, you need to right away. With gas components constantly in the environment, you need to do anything you can to detect these emissions and properly mitigate them. MRU Instruments has been an emission monitoring systems manufacturer and distributer for over 30 years. Shop our selection of professional gas analyzers tailored for use in laboratories today.

  • AMPRO plus Analyzer
    Take control of your emissions, with the power of our reliable AMPROplus
    • Up to 7 gas parameters, plus temperature, pressure, and flow
    • +4yr Long-life O2 sensor
    • Active CO sensor protection
    • Powerful Li-ion battery provides up to 20hrs of operating time
    • Extensive probe selection
    • Easy Bluetooth connection to the powerful MRU4U App or printer
  • MGA prime Analyzer
    Best-in-class flue gas emission analyzer for long time measurements of industrial combustions
    • Precise and very stable non dispersive infrared (NDIR) technique, for enhanced long time measurements.
    • Up to 8 gas NDIR measurement
    • Remote control via smartphone or tablet
  • NOVA Plus Portable Emission Analyzer
    Simplify compliance testing and ensure success with our dependable, user-friendly combustion emissions analyzer
    • Combination of infrared measurement technology and electrochemical sensors
    • Automatic measuring program with data recording
    • Automatic zero-point measurement for long-term measurements
  • SWG 100 CEM Analyzer
    Stationary Analyzer for Continuous Emission Monitoring
    • up to 6 gas simultaneous measurement
    • Advanced sample gas preparation for fast and reliable measurements
    • Simple installation, ready to run delivery and easy to maintain.
    • Heated gas sampling probe
  • SYNG SWG 100 Analyzer
    Designed for use in industrial safe areas or inside laboratories as well
    • IP54 stainless steel cabinet, also for use in outdoor condition with sun and rain cover
    • Multiple sampling point monitoring (up to 8 sites monitoring) with one analyzer
    • H₂ thermal conductivity detector measurement with cross interference correction
    • NDIR bench for CO-CO₂-CH₄ analysis (using selective CH₄ measurement)
    • H₂S electrochemical cell measurement, H₂ immune
    • Sample gas washing device, for tar free sample gas
  • VARIO Luxx - Portable Emission Analyzer
    Portable stack gas emission analyzer for long time measurements of industrial combustions
    • Most suitable for precise low Nox measurements and other toxic gas emissions measurement
    • All important interfaces are available, such as Ethernet (LAN), WLAN, Bluetooth, USB, RS485, 8 channel analog Outputs.
    • Lithium-ion battery operation, including gas cooler and measurement technology.
  • VARIO luxx SYNGAS Analyzer
    Portable syngas analyzer for long-term measurements of special gases (syngas)
    • Integrated electrical gas cooler (Peltier) and automatic condensate draining pump
    • Strong sample gas pump and externally accessible particulate Teflon filter
    • Use of long-life EC cell for O2, NDIR for CO/CO2/CH4 and TCD for H2 measurement
    • Linux OS and large back-lit 840x480 px color display, with touch and swipe technique
    • n Lithium-ion battery operation, including gas cooler and measurement technology