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Glass Industry

Glass manufacturing facilities need the proper emission monitoring systems to stay within regulations. Along with staying within regulatory guidelines for emissions, it is important to have the right gas analyzer to keep your employees and the environment safe. MRU Instruments has a great selection of handheld, portable, and stationary emission monitoring systems for use in the glass manufacturing industry.

With the production of glass come the emissions of environmental pollutants like carbon dioxide, nitric oxides, sulfur dioxide and much more. A gas analyzer, combustion analyzer, or emission analyzer is needed to monitor the emissions in the environment of a glass manufacturing facility. Monitoring these emissions will keep your facility within regulations and will also help to discover ways to cut down on specific emissions in the environment. A continuous emission monitoring system is a great option for the glass industry as it is impossible to completely eliminate the gases emitted through glass production.

If you need an emission analyzer for your manufacturing facility, MRU Instruments has the equipment that you need. With our over 30 years’ experience manufacturing and distributing emission monitoring systems, you can count on us to deliver a product that is incredibly efficient in monitoring emissions in your industry and helping you create a safer workplace and environment. Browse our industry options to find the best fit for your plant today.

  • AMPRO plus Analyzer
    Take control of your emissions, with the power of our reliable AMPROplus
    • Up to 7 gas parameters, plus temperature, pressure, and flow
    • +4yr Long-life O2 sensor
    • Active CO sensor protection
    • Powerful Li-ion battery provides up to 20hrs of operating time
    • Extensive probe selection
    • Easy Bluetooth connection to the powerful MRU4U App or printer
  • MGA prime Analyzer
    Best-in-class flue gas emission analyzer for long time measurements of industrial combustions
    • Precise and very stable non dispersive infrared (NDIR) technique, for enhanced long time measurements.
    • Up to 8 gas NDIR measurement
    • Remote control via smartphone or tablet
  • NOVA Plus Portable Emission Analyzer
    Simplify compliance testing and ensure success with our dependable, user-friendly combustion emissions analyzer
    • Combination of infrared measurement technology and electrochemical sensors
    • Automatic measuring program with data recording
    • Automatic zero-point measurement for long-term measurements
  • SWG 300 CEMS Analyzer INDOOR
    Complete CEM system for emissions monitoring
    • dual heat exchanger M&C Peltier gas cooler with double automatic condensate draining pumps
    • Efficient sample gas filtration using PTFE sintered particulate filter
    • Condensate monitoring and alarm on display and gas sampling stop in case of alarm
    • Filtration of acid gases to protect the internal sample gas flow sensor
  • VARIO Luxx - Portable Emission Analyzer
    Portable stack gas emission analyzer for long time measurements of industrial combustions
    • Most suitable for precise low Nox measurements and other toxic gas emissions measurement
    • All important interfaces are available, such as Ethernet (LAN), WLAN, Bluetooth, USB, RS485, 8 channel analog Outputs.
    • Lithium-ion battery operation, including gas cooler and measurement technology.
  • VARIO luxx SYNGAS Analyzer
    Portable syngas analyzer for long-term measurements of special gases (syngas)
    • Integrated electrical gas cooler (Peltier) and automatic condensate draining pump
    • Strong sample gas pump and externally accessible particulate Teflon filter
    • Use of long-life EC cell for O2, NDIR for CO/CO2/CH4 and TCD for H2 measurement
    • Linux OS and large back-lit 840x480 px color display, with touch and swipe technique
    • n Lithium-ion battery operation, including gas cooler and measurement technology