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About Us

Emission Monitoring Systems since 1984

MRU GmbH was founded on 01/06/1984 in Germany initially with just 2 employees and has since then grown into a nationally as well as internationally respected enterprise. 

At its headquarters in Neckarsulm – Obereisesheim, Germany, MRU develops, manufactures and sells Emission Monitoring Systems such as a portable gas analyzer and stationary gas analyzers for use all around the world, employing approximately 100 people in the German head office.

The rapid development, which MRU underwent in the past 35+ years, could not be anticipated by anyone 35 years ago. “Environmental Protection” by far did not have the significance it has today. Very few had any idea of how important that aspect would become years later. Business success solely was based on saving energy. Just a few turns with a screwdriver, meaning to reduce combustion air and thus improving combustion efficiency convinced the operating companies of large furnaces to such an extent that they would place orders even while the Analyzing Systems were still being demonstrated on site.

MRU Instruments, Inc. was founded in the US in 2007 and is a 100% affiliate for MRU GmbH and is in Humble Texas, just north of Houston. Perfectly located between I-59 and IAH Houston Airport. 

MRU Instruments, Inc. are the US headquarters serving the US as well as Canada, Mexico and Central America. 

Here at the Humble location we stock our most common and high-volume analyzers, Humble is also our service center for the US. We are proud to have industry leading service times and prices – typically an analyzer is no longer that two days in our service department. Even morning drop offs, and afternoon pickups are possible. We want your analyzer downtime to be as short as possible, to ensure that YOUR business goes well. 

Our small and highly motivate team ensures quality from A to Z – we can help you finding the right product for your application, guide you all the way from initial contact to the point when you are ready to purchase a MRU product that will last for years. And we will keep supporting you for all your analyzer needs, when your analyzer is due for service or should you need some spare parts, we will be here for you!!

When purchasing a MRU product, you will purchase quality made in Germany, with local US support for Sales, Service and installation. Start being a happy MRU customer as many have done before !!! 

With best regards.

Alexej Kinderknecht

President, U.S. Operations