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Iron / Steel Industry

Businesses in the iron and steel industry require a continuous emission monitoring system to keep their facility within proper emissions regulations. Meeting regulatory guidelines is important for emissions, not only for your facility, but for the safety of your employees and the environment. Having the right emission analyzer is crucial to an efficient and safe workspace. MRU Instruments has emission analyzer options in handheld, portable, and stationary applications for use in the iron and steel industry.

In the iron and steel industry, primary emissions concerns would be carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide. However, there are many other gases that are emitted with the creation of iron and steel. Along with gases, a lot of dust is created during iron and steel production. Because of the gases and dust emitted during production, it is extremely necessary to have a combustion analyzer capable of detecting and monitoring multiple gas components. It is also necessary to have a dust opacity monitoring system, like the DM 401 offered at MRU Instruments.

If you need a combustion analyzer, or other continuous emission monitoring system for your iron or steel facility, MRU Instruments has the professional equipment you need. For over 30 years, MRU Instruments has manufactured and distributed our professional emission monitoring systems. Industries of all kinds count on us to deliver efficient products that help create a safer workplace and environment. Browse our iron and steel industry options to find the best fit for your facility today.