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Here at MRU, it is our business to bring you superior gas analyzer tools to accurately monitor emissions in any industrial setting. From handheld gas analyzers to stationary emission monitors, our products cater to a wide array of applications. We provide best-in-class gas analyzer technology and other instruments to those working in steel, cement, and glass industries, as well as breweries, power plants, boiler manufacturers, refineries, and more. Whatever your emission monitoring needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Established in Germany in 1984, our company has grown exponentially from two employees to now having two plants serving over 70 countries. For over 30 years, our family-owned business has been developing an impressive line of emission monitoring products. As we innovate and expand, we continue to provide the highest standard in emission monitoring. We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can be confident that our products will maintain accuracy for you today and many years to come.



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Our Most Popular Analyzers

AMPRO plus emission analyzers The most powerful handheld gas analyzer – simultaneous measurement of up to 7 gas components OPTIMAX BIOGAS analyzer The most powerful handheld BIOGAS analyzer – simultaneous

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We have created a MRU You Tube channel where we post will numerous videos in the next couple of months, including HOW TO instructions of our analyzers.

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In recent years, keeping your emissions in check has become more important than ever. As the effects of climate change become increasingly more apparent, many countries have taken measures to overhaul their emissions regulations. That being the case, it’s in every power plant and manufacturing facility’s best interest to invest in top-of-the-line monitoring tools like an emission analyzer. When shopping around for tools that fit the bill, you can’t go wrong with the amazing products offered by MRU Instruments.

Decades of Experience

What started as a modest two-person operation is now an internationally-recognized corporation. Long before emission monitoring was considered the norm, MRU Instruments was developing tools to help plants keep track of their environmental output. For over 30 years, the company has prided itself on developing innovative user-friendly tools and serving an expansive client base that spans several countries.

Expansive Catalogue 

If you can name a particular emission analyzer, chances are MRU carries it. Whether you’re in the market for a portable exhaust gas analyzer, manometer, gas detector, or monitoring software, you can find what you need on the company’s website. As soon as MRU has your order information for emission analyzer equipment, they’ll do everything in their power to ensure speedy delivery.

Willingness to Stand by Their Products

MRU Instruments is unflinchingly willing to stand by the products they create. If any of the MRU tools used by your company are in need of repair, calibration, or any other type of servicing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with MRU. MRU views its tools as investments; not expendable items that require frequent replacement.

Not only is failing to comply with emissions standards bad for the environment, it can also result in costly legal ramifications and earn your company hefty fines. Fortunately, the right monitoring tools, like an emission analyzer, can help prevent this from coming about. Doing business with MRU Instruments is sure to have far-reaching benefits for both your company and its carbon footprint.

Emission Monitoring Systems since 1984

MRU GmbH was founded on 01/06/1984 in Germany initially with just 2 employees and has since then grown into a nationally as well as internationally respected enterprise. 

At its headquarters in Neckarsulm – Obereisesheim, Germany, MRU develops, manufactures and sells Emission Monitoring Systems such as a portable gas analyzer and stationary gas analyzers for use all around the world, employing approximately 100 people in the German head office.

The rapid development, which MRU underwent in the past 35+ years, could not be anticipated by anyone 35 years ago. “Environmental Protection” by far did not have the significance it has today. Very few had any idea of how important that aspect would become years later. Business success solely was based on saving energy. Just a few turns with a screwdriver, meaning to reduce combustion air and thus improving combustion efficiency convinced the operating companies of large furnaces to such an extent that they would place orders even while the Analyzing Systems were still being demonstrated on site.

MRU Instruments, Inc. was founded in the US in 2007 and is a 100% affiliate for MRU GmbH and is in Humble Texas, just north of Houston.  

MRU Instruments, Inc. are the US headquarters serving the US as well as Canada, Mexico and Central America. 

Here at the Humble location we stock our most common and high-volume analyzers, Humble is also our service center for the US. We are proud to have industry leading service times and prices – typically an analyzer is no longer that two days in our service department. Even morning drop offs, and afternoon pickups are possible. We want your analyzer downtime to be as short as possible, to ensure that YOUR business goes well. 

Our small and highly motivate team ensures quality from A to Z – we can help you finding the right product for your application, guide you all the way from initial contact to the point when you are ready to purchase a MRU product that will last for years. And we will keep supporting you for all your analyzer needs, when your analyzer is due for service or should you need some spare parts, we will be here for you!!

When purchasing a MRU product, you will purchase quality made in Germany, with local US support for Sales, Service and installation. Start being a happy MRU customer as many have done before !!! 

With best regards.

Alexej Kinderknecht

President, U.S. Operations