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Refineries / Petrochem

Emission monitoring systems are incredible important in the petrochemical industry. When processing or refining natural gas and petroleum, it is important for oil refineries to have necessary emission monitoring systems to keep the facility, employees, and the environment safe. Specific emissions regulations need to be met in order for your oil refinery to remain in business. If you need help finding the right combustion analyzer, MRU Instruments has a great selection of gas analyzers catered to the needs of the petrochemical industry.

Two major concerns in oil refineries are natural gas and petroleum. Along with these two emissions, petrochemical facilities rely on other chemicals and liquids to create the refined end-product. Through processing and refinery, it is important to monitor the gases that are being emitted in your facility to make sure they are at safe working levels for you, your employees and the environment. A multi-gas analyzer and combustion analyzer would be ideal for the petrochemical industry, and at MRU Instruments, we have plenty to choose from in stationary, portable and handheld continuous emission monitoring systems.

If you need a multi-gas analyzer, or another CEMS for your petrochemical or oil refinery, MRU Instruments has the professional equipment you need. We have manufactured and distributed our own professional CEMS for over 30 years. All kinds of industries rely on our efficient products to help them maintain a safer workplace and environment. Browse our refinery and petrochemical options today to find the best fit for your facility.