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Process / Syngas

  • SYNG SWG 100 Analyzer
    Designed for use in industrial safe areas or inside laboratories as well
    • IP54 stainless steel cabinet, also for use in outdoor condition with sun and rain cover
    • Multiple sampling point monitoring (up to 8 sites monitoring) with one analyzer
    • H₂ thermal conductivity detector measurement with cross interference correction
    • NDIR bench for CO-CO₂-CH₄ analysis (using selective CH₄ measurement)
    • H₂S electrochemical cell measurement, H₂ immune
    • Sample gas washing device, for tar free sample gas
  • VARIO luxx SYNGAS Analyzer
    Portable syngas analyzer for long-term measurements of special gases (syngas)
    • Integrated electrical gas cooler (Peltier) and automatic condensate draining pump
    • Strong sample gas pump and externally accessible particulate Teflon filter
    • Use of long-life EC cell for O2, NDIR for CO/CO2/CH4 and TCD for H2 measurement
    • Linux OS and large back-lit 840x480 px color display, with touch and swipe technique
    • n Lithium-ion battery operation, including gas cooler and measurement technology