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With MRU Instrument’s over 30 years in the emission monitoring industry, we are always pushing ourselves to have the best stationary, portable and handheld gas analyzer systems to fit your company’s needs. Industrial facilities require emission monitoring systems to detect and mitigate the amount of gas emitted within your facility and the environment, to maintain the safety of your workers and everyone else. Regulations vary state-to-state, so you will have to check regulations with your individual state to make sure you are meeting guidelines.

We carry a wide variety of emission monitoring systems. We have a great selection of stationary, handheld and portable gas analyzers, like the NOVA analyzer and AMPRO models. We have biogas, combustion and flue gas analyzer options to monitor how much your facility is emitting in the environment. A flue gas analyzer is perfect for power plants and many manufacturing facilities.

Along with our high-end emission monitoring systems, we have the resources to help you choose the perfect stationary, portable, or handheld analyzer for your company’s needs. Whether you need a portable NOVA analyzer, or other multi-gas analyzer, MRU Instruments has the selection for you. Shop our products and browse our resources for more information about emission monitoring systems today.