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AMPRO plus – Combustion / Emission Analyzer


Take control of your emissions, with the power of our reliable AMPROplus
  • Up to 7 gas parameters, plus temperature, pressure, and flow
  • +4yr Long-life O2 sensor
  • Active CO sensor protection
  • Powerful Li-ion battery provides up to 20hrs of operating time
  • Extensive probe selection
  • Easy Bluetooth connection to the powerful MRU4U App or printer

Choose a different probe tube if needed.
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AMPRO plus
AMPRO plus
AMPRO plus
AMPRO plus
AMPRO plus
AMPRO plus gas analyzer
DUAL Bluetooth for Android and iOS
O2 – Oxygen – Long Life sensor
CO2 – Carbon dioxide calculated
CO – Carbon monoxide
NO – Nitric oxide
NO2 – Nitrogen Dioxide
CO Sensor protection (active)
Large fuel type list + user definable fuel types
Combustion and Emission calculations
Draft / Differential pressure
Temperature / Differential temperature
Color display 4″
Interfaces: Bluetooth, IRDA, USB, SD Card
High energy Li-lon battery (for up 20 hours operation time)
Battery charger & USB cable
Condensate separator with water stop filter
One additional replacement filter
Transport Case standard
Gas sampling line 9 foot
Gas probe tube 12 inch with cone


  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 7 gas components.
  • Suitable for emission monitoring of combustion and industrial processes.
  • With up 7 true gas measurements
  • NO and NO2 for true NOx measurements
  • H2 compensate CO sensor
  • Up to 20 hours operation time (Lithium Ion Battery)
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Extremely user friendly
  • O2 sensor life expectancy + 4 years
  • Active CO sensor protection


  • Make your combustion process more cost-effective.
  • Get the data to show your organization cares about the environment.


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The AMPRO plus is the replacement of the AMPRO 2000 – which was first introduced in 2010. This is the most versatile handheld gas analyzer in the world today. It has been constantly updated and upgraded over the years. The list of available options is enormous. Its ease of use and practicality makes this a great tool to use. 

Here are some of the analyzer’s highlights:

A 4.0” crisp, clear color display with a zoom function makes it easy to read even under difficult circumstances. The measurement screen can be customized to your needs. You decide what you want to see and what values are important for you. 

Simultaneous measurements of up to six gas components are possible. O2, CO, and calculated CO2 are standard. NO, NO2, SO2, and even measured CO2 can be added (even later). 

With the standard probe, one can measure flue gas temperatures of up to 1,472 °F and 2,012 °F with an Inconel probe tube. Flue gas temperature and ambient air temperature are used to calculate combustion efficiency. The AMPRO plus also has a separate menu for differential temperature measurement, showing both measured values as well as the difference between both values. 

During gas measurement, the analyzer also measures the draft in the stack. The AMPRO plus also has a separate menu for differential pressure measurement, showing both measured values as well as the difference between both values.

Measurements and be stored in the internal analyzer storage menu. Sixteen thousand data sets can be stored inside the analyzer. These have a date and time stamp, customer details, as well as the fuel type that has been used during the measurement. Multiple interfaces (USB/IR/SD card/Bluetooth/WLAN) are available to transfer data to either a printer or PC/laptop/smartphone. 

With Bluetooth, the analyzer can be connected to your smartphone using the MRU4U app, which is available for Android and iOS. All measured values are displayed on your phone (tablet), and the measurement can be started/stopped remotely from your phone.

The internal lithium-ion battery allows twenty hours of operation time. The battery is charged using the USB port.

The gas conditioning system and sensor protection are also great features you wouldn’t want to miss. The large, easily accessible, and easy to empty condensate separator protects the analyzer from unwanted water (condensation) entering the analyzer. It has a built-in PTFE (Teflon) coated filter with excellent dirt removal capability. It is easy to replace and re-usable up to five times (after being washed). 

The CO sensor protection is a great added feature, protecting your CO sensor from unwanted high CO concentrations (user-definable value). This will protect the CO sensor and extend the life span of the sensor. 

The cost of ownership for the AMPRO plus is very low. Buying an analyzer is one thing, but how much do you have to spend over the years for service, calibration, and parts? Our analyzers are designed to last for years. 

The AMPRO plus can be used as a combustion analyzer with O2, CO, and calculated CO2.

In most cases, it is used as a combustion/emission analyzer with TRUE NOx.

It’s your best choice for short-term (spot) measurements.


  • Simultaneous measurements of up to 7 gas components!
  • Emission calculations including: mg/m3, NO(x) as mg/m3 NO2, true measurement of NO(x) = NO + NO2,
  • Gas temperature measurement up to 2,012°F (with stainless steel up to 1,200°F, with Inconel tubes up to 2,012°F)
  • Mini-USB / Bluetooth / WLAN for data transfer
  • Large condensate separator with PTFE (Teflon) coated filter
  • Air purging pump for CO-sensor protection
  • Internal data storage for up to 32,000 measurements
  • High energy Li-Ion battery (up to 20 hours operation time)
  • Color backlit 4.0″ TFT display with zoom function
  • Customizable screen settings
  • Durable and dirt resistant keypad
  • IR interface for external printer (printer is optional)
  • Integrated SD card reader for additional data storage and data transfer to PC
Measurement componentMeasuring rangeResolutionAccuracy
O2Oxygen (Long Life)0 … 21%0.1 %± 0.2 Vol-% abs.
COCarbon monoxide         (H2 Compensated)0 … 10,000 / 20,000 ppm *1 ppm± 10 ppm or 5 % reading < 4,000 ppm  / 10 % reading > 4,000 ppm
COCarbon monoxide (low)0 … 500 **0.1 ppm± 2.0 ppm or 5 % reading
COCarbon monoxide (high)0 … 40,000 / 100,000 ppm *1 ppm± 0.02% or 5 % reading < 0.4% / 10 % reading > 0.4%
NONitric oxide0 … 1,000 / 5,000 ppm *1 ppm± 5 ppm or 5 % reading < 1,000 ppm / 10 % reading > 1,000 ppm
NONitric oxide (low)0 … 300 **0.1 ppm± 2.0 ppm or 5 % reading
NO2Nitric dioxide 0 … 200 / 1,000 ppm *1 ppm± 5 ppm or 5 % reading up to 200 ppm or 10 % reading up to 1.000 ppm**
NO2Nitric dioxide (low)0 … 300 **0.1 ppm
SO2Sulfur dioxide 0 … 2,000 / 5,000 ppm *1 ppm± 10 ppm or 5 % reading up to 2.000 ppm or 10 % reading up to 5.000 ppm**
SO2Sulfur dioxide (low)0 … 300 **0.1 ppm


1-gas NDIR benchMeasuring rangeResolutionAccuracy
CO2Carbon dioxide0 … 40 Vol %0.1 %± 0.3 % or 5 % of the measured value***


2-gas NDIR benchMeasuring rangeResolutionAccuracy
CO2Carbon dioxide0 … 40 Vol %0.1 %± 0.5 % or 5 % of the measured value***
CxHyHydrocarbons100 … 40,000 ppm10 ppm± 400 ppm or 5% reading***


Other measured componentsMeasuring RangeResolutionAccuracy
Stack / Flue gas temperature32 … 1,472°F (0 … 800°C) with stainless steel

32 … 2,012°F (0 … 1100°C) with Inconel

1 °F± 4°F … < 392°F / 1 % reading > 392°F

± 4°F … < 392°F / 1 % reading > 392°F

Primary air / Ambient air temperature32 … 212°F    (0 … 100 °C)1°F± 2°F
Differential temperatureUp to 2,012°F (0 … 1100°C)1°F± 4°F … < 392°F / 1 % reading > 392°F
Stack draft+/- 40 inH2O (100hPa)1 Pa± 0.02 inH2O or 1% reading
Differential pressure+/- 80 inH2O (200hPa)1 Pa± 0.02 inH2O or 1% reading
Gas flow velocity measurement3 … 100 m/s (using Pitot tube)0.1 m/s


Calculated valuesRangeCalculated valuesRangeCalculated valuesRange
Carbon dioxide0 … CO2 max.Efficiency0 … 120 %Excess Air0 … 99.9
Heat losses qA0 … 99.9 %Air Ratio (Lambda)1 … 9.99CO/CO2 ratio0 … 10


Max suction range gas pump / Typical gas flow150 hPa / 50 l/h
Internal memory32,000 data sets
Data transmission / InterfacesUSB, Bluetooth, WLAN / USB, Bluetooth, WLAN, IRDA, SD CARD
Display4” color display
Operation temperature / Storage temperature+5°C … +45 °C / 41 °F … 113 °F / -20°C … +50°C / -4°F … 122°F
Ambient conditions95% Rel. Humidity, non-condensing
Internal Battery Pack / Grid power supply Li-Ion, 20h operation time / 100 – 240 V / 5V DC / 1200 mA
Protection classIP30
Dimensions / Weight4.3” x 8.8” x 2.04” (244x113x54 mm) / 1.65 lbs. (750g)
TÜV approvalTBD

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