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Vehicle Exhaust Gas

The Optima 7 NDIR gas analyzer is a high-performance product available for use across industries. This powerful tool offers CO/CO2/ HC infrared (NDIR) measurement as well as O2 and NOx electrochemical measurement. With the capacity to measure up to 5 automotive gas components and data storage for up to 16,000 measurements, you can depend on this portable exhaust gas analyzer for extensive emission monitoring.

You can use this portable gas analyzer for diagnosing engine problems and evaluating the potential for dangerous gas emissions. Rather than lugging multiple devices or heavy machinery, you can transport this portable exhaust gas analyzer easily between locations. The Optima 7 NDIR includes an ABBS transport case, complete with accessory storage compartments.

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  • AMPRO 1000 FFZ 01
    This inexpensive, very compact gas analyzer with its modern design is perfectly suitable for fast and reliable CO measurement on industrial trucks with LPG internal combustion engines.

    For gas and diesel powered industrial trucks and vehicles in underground mining CO measurement.

    • Measurement range for up t 2% - Optional 10%
    • MDocumentation via. printer, SD Card or USB
    • MIncluding IVA probe and condensate separator
  • NOVA plus KFZ FFZ 04
    This universal analyzer measures all tasks on gas- or diesel-powered industrial trucks, reliable and precise.


    • Measurement of CO and Opacity (Soot)
    • Heated probe and regulated gas extraction for precise Opacity measurements
    • Battery and mains operation (powerful lithium-ion battery)
    • Optional O2 and NOx measurement
    • External data storage via integrated SD card