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Biogas / Landfill / CHP

Complete analysis tasks with powerful products designed for biogas, cogeneration heat and power engine emissions, bio-methane, landfill-gas and coal bed methane testing. Gather industrial safety data using advanced biogas analyzer technology.

The NOVAplus Biogas and OPTIMA 7 Biogas both have the capability for simultaneous measurement of up to 7 gas components, including biogas measurement and emissions measurement. The OPTIMA 7 is a powerful handheld gas analyzer with electrochemical sensors and a dual gas NDIR bench. You can also take advantage of multiple site monitoring with the SWG 100 BIOGAS Analyzer and the SWG 100 BIOGAS Compact Analyzer.

Shop precise and high-performing biogas emission measuring products for a variety of applications. Our product list includes portable, stationary and handheld device options. Find industrial solutions for semi-continuous, discontinuous and continuous measurements. These systems are able to evaluate stack pressure and provide efficient gas sampling. Learn more about the specifications for each gas analyzer in our inventory at