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Combustion Portable

When you’re looking for reliable portable combustion analyzers, MRU Instruments is the first place to start. Our selection of handheld gas analyzer monitors and gas detectors are can be trusted at both residential and commercial installations. These gas analyzers can give accurate readings on flue gas, emission monitoring, combustion monitoring, and other components quickly and precisely. Make sure the company you buy your handheld gas analyzer systems from has a history of quality products. You can count on MRU Instruments for accurate measurements when you need them most.

Click on one of the portable combustion analyzer models below to learn more about them. If you would like more information and would like to inquire about purchasing, be sure to add it to your Inquiry List. You can also go to our resource page or contact us further if you have questions about our gas analyzer systems. Regardless of what system you choose, your gas analyzer from MRU Instruments will give you precise readings. Contact us at 832.230.0155 for any questions you may have about our portable combustion analyzers or other gas detection products.

  • MGA prime Analyzer
    Best-in-class flue gas emission analyzer for long time measurements of industrial combustions
    • Precise and very stable non dispersive infrared (NDIR) technique, for enhanced long time measurements.
    • Up to 8 gas NDIR measurement
    • Remote control via smartphone or tablet
  • NOVA compact Analyzer
    Simultaneous measurements of up to 4 gas components
    • Very compact and extremely rugged gas analyzer
    • Fully equipped for all kind of adjustment and monitoring tasks at combustion
    • Intuitively and comfortable to use.
  • NOVA Plus Portable Emission Analyzer
    Simplify compliance testing and ensure success with our dependable, user-friendly combustion emissions analyzer
    • Combination of infrared measurement technology and electrochemical sensors
    • Automatic measuring program with data recording
    • Automatic zero-point measurement for long-term measurements
  • VARIO Luxx - Portable Emission Analyzer
    Portable stack gas emission analyzer for long time measurements of industrial combustions
    • Most suitable for precise low Nox measurements and other toxic gas emissions measurement
    • All important interfaces are available, such as Ethernet (LAN), WLAN, Bluetooth, USB, RS485, 8 channel analog Outputs.
    • Lithium-ion battery operation, including gas cooler and measurement technology.