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Gas Turbines / Compressor

When working with gas turbines or compressor stations it is important to have emission monitoring systems to stay within regulation of emissions laws. On top of staying within regulations, it is also important to have the right gas analyzer for your job to keep employees and the environment safe. At MRU Instruments, we have a great selection of emission monitoring systems in a wide array of options.

We have great gas analyzer options in handheld, portable, and stationary options. Our Ampro 2000 is capable of measuring up to 7 gas components. It is also the most powerful handheld gas analyzer we have to offer. If it is a combustion analyzer that you require for your job, the NOVA Compact and NOVA Plus are both great options for professional use to detect multiple gas components.

No matter what gas analyzer, combustion analyzer, or emission analyzer you require for your job, MRU Instruments is sure to have the perfect option for you. With over 30 years of experience manufacturing and distributing our own emission monitoring systems, we are the industry professionals you can count on to keep your industry safe.