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Boiler / Burner / Furnace

All manufacturing facilities require a continuous emission monitoring system in place to stay within regulatory guidelines. Along with emission regulations, a gas analyzer will allow your facility to come up with ways to cut down on emissions to maintain the safety of employees and the environment. In boiler manufacturing and installing, emission monitoring systems are incredibly important. MRU Instruments has a great selection of handheld, portable, and stationary gas analyzer options for the boiler manufacturing and installing industry.

A combustion analyzer is important to detect and locate gas leakages in boilers. The AMPRO 2000 is a great option as a handheld and portable combustion analyzer from MRU Instruments. We also carry the NOVA Compact and NOVA Plus combustion and emission analyzer capable of detecting up to 8 gas components. These emission monitoring systems are perfect for the boiler manufacturing and installing industry. When you need to meet regulations and keep emissions down in the environment, MRU Instruments is here to help.

In industries where gas components are constantly in the environment, it is a great idea to invest in a continuous emission monitoring system for your facility. MRU Instruments has been manufacturing and distributing our professional line of emission monitoring systems for over 30 years. With our gas analyzers, you are guaranteed efficient performance. Shop our selection of emission analyzers for your industry today.