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Our Manometers have controlled and precise measurement tools to help you gather the data you need. MRU-Instruments has been producing innovative products since 1984, so you can be assured that the emission monitoring system you purchase is quality. Our wide range of emission and portable gas analyzer products are backed by professional and attentive service representatives that are ready to help. This way, when you shop MRU-Instruments, you can rest easy knowing you have exceptional service backing an excellent product.

Our family owned operation is dedicated to helping you get the most efficient product for your business. Feel free to contact us about any of our emission monitoring systems. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you with your product or answer any questions you have. Also, be sure to visit our About Us and Download pages for even more information. Please click on a product below to read more.

  • Digital manometer 9600 ANALYZER
    Versatility Redefined: The Pressure Manometer Analyzer - Your Ultimate Multifunctional Tool!
    • Precision multi-functional manometer
    • FIVE different models
    • Ranges +/- 3″ H2O to 100 PSI
    • Accuracy to 0.5%
    • Bluetooth, USB, IR and SD card interfaces
  • DM 9600 CHP Analyzer
    Engine Testing Revolutionized: The Pressure Manometer Analyzer - Your Ultimate Multifunctional Tool!
    • Engine inlet pressure
    • Inter-Cooler differential pressure
    • Oil and water pressure
    • Data transfer via Bluetooth to App
    • Long-term stable pressure sensor with a range of up to 10 bars (145 psi)