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NOVA plus KFZ FFZ 04


This universal analyzer measures all tasks on
gas- or diesel-powered industrial trucks, reliable
and precise.


  • Measurement of CO and Opacity (Soot)
  • Heated probe and regulated gas extraction for precise Opacity measurements
  • Battery and mains operation (powerful lithium-ion battery)
  • Optional O2 and NOx measurement
  • External data storage via integrated SD card
AMPRO 1000 FFZ 01

AMPRO 1000 – Industrial Vehicle Analyzer

This inexpensive, very compact gas analyzer with its modern design is perfectly suitable for fast and reliable CO measurement on industrial trucks with LPG internal combustion engines.

For gas and diesel powered industrial trucks and vehicles in underground mining
CO measurement.

  • Measurement range for up t 2% – Optional 10%
  • MDocumentation via. printer, SD Card or USB
  • MIncluding IVA probe and condensate separator
MRU gas detectors

Multi-Gas Detector 400GD & 500GD

TWO compact devices with easy interchangeable sensor heads for multiple applications
  • Smart sensor
  • Quick change system
  • Plug & play sensors with automatic device recognition.

OPTIMAX Biogas – Portable Gas Analyzer

Unleash the full potential of your biogas operations with our highly versatile, dependable analyzer
  • For fast biogas & emissions analysis at biogas, bio-methane and landfill sites
  • Biogas measurement: CH4, CO2, O2, H2S
  • Exhaust gas measurement: O2, CO2, CO, NO, NO2
  • Ambient air measurement: CH4 (LEL), H2S
AMPRO plus Analyzer

AMPRO plus – Combustion / Emission Analyzer

Take control of your emissions, with the power of our reliable AMPROplus
  • Up to 7 gas parameters, plus temperature, pressure, and flow
  • +4yr Long-life O2 sensor
  • Active CO sensor protection
  • Powerful Li-ion battery provides up to 20hrs of operating time
  • Extensive probe selection
  • Easy Bluetooth connection to the powerful MRU4U App or printer
AMPRO 1000 – Combustion Analyzer

AMPRO 1000 – Combustion Analyzer

Low cost combustion analyzer

  • For control measurements at gas-, oil- and wood-firings
  • Flue gas analyzer with real-time combustion calculation
  • Digital manometer for stack draft and differential pressure
  • Ambient air CO tester