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What is an exhaust gas analyzer?

An Exhaust Gas Analyzer is a device used to measure exhaust gases caused by combustion. Also known as an emission gas analyzer, it effectively measures different gases present and gives readings about their content. Some gas analyzers can also identify the sources that can cause a fire if fuel is released inadvertently. Some other models can even determine engine efficiency.

What Does an Exhaust Gas Analyzer Measure?

Automotive exhaust gas analyzers are multi-gas analyzers and can be used to measure Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), HC infrared (NDIR) measurement, Fuel Dependent Hydrocarbons (HC), and Oxygen (O2). Gas Analyzers use NDIR as well as Chemical Sensors to do the exhaust gas analysis.

What are the uses of gas analyzers?

Automotive Exhaust Gas Analyzers are primarily used to diagnose engine emission problems and thereby maximize engine performance. Gas analyzers deliver reliable and accurate measurements quickly and help with emission compliance. They are used to determine the amount of carbon monoxide and other gases. Both Infrared gas analyzers and chemical gas analyzers are used to find real-time combustion efficiency using the measurements of gases. Other uses include checking evaporative emission system operation, no-start conditions, exhaust system leaks, evaporative emission system leaks, fuel odors in the vehicle, etc.

How to use a portable gas analyzer?

An exhaust gas analyzer gives accurate results when used correctly. Here is how it works:

  1. Turn the power switch on.
  2. Connect hose and probe.
  3. Check the Zero. (If not, push the Zero button)

Once the Zero is complete, your gas analyzer is ready to analyze! Check the readings to check the functioning of the engine.

Are emission gas analyzers reliable?

The accuracy and reliability of gas analyzers or any other high-end instrument, for that matter, depends on the quality and craftsmanship. If you are looking for accurate results and long-term reliability, take a look at MRU Instruments’ gas analyzers. MRU Instruments offers premium quality gas analyzers, manometers, gas detectors, and more. Their instruments are made with the highest standards in today’s gas analyzer technology that is back by a satisfaction guarantee.