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What is a Combustion Leak Tester What Are Its Uses and How to Use?

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combustion leak tester is meant to check the level of combustion gases in the engine coolant. A combustion leak tester is primarily designed to detect a leak, if any, from the combustion compartment of an engine (internal combustion) to the cooling water jacket which is located next to the combustion compartment.

What are the uses of a combustion leak tester?

Most vehicles including cars and trucks, nowadays, utilize water-cooled internal combustion engines, and combustion leakage into the cooling system can be extremely damaging since exhaust gases when mixed with the coolant, form corrosive acids. Combustion leak tester detects all leakages.

How to use a combustion leak tester?

There are three major parts of an internal combustion tester: a cap on the top, a transparent sight glass, and a nose cone at the bottom. In the nose-cone, there is a check-ball chamber. Before using the tester approximately two inches of water is drained from the radiator and the engine must be cool.

Put the tester in the radiator cavity, just slightly above the water level, and hold it in place by hand such that (nose cone) it is sealed connection to the filling neck mouth. Pour water to fill the transparent sight glass and the test is ready to begin.

Turn on the engine and if there is any leakage between the engine block, air bubbles will be created in the radiator cavity due to the tremendous pressure that is built up during the combustion process.

How to get a reliable combustion leak tester?

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