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The need to measure and control emissions released from ignitions is at an all-time high. While various guidelines have been implemented to control and limit emission release, many industries still require coal and oil-powered systems causing smoke and residue release. Even with the rising number of industries switching to cleaner flammable gasses, the use of coal remains at 20-30%. Protecting our environment is a priority and it starts with accurate and reliable emission measurements.

The best way to calculate the amount of emission released from ignitions is by using an opacity meter. This type of instrument works by measuring the amount of light lost when passed through a gas containing smoke and dust (also known as particulate matter). The amount of light lost is equivalent to the concentration of particulate matter in the gas. These measurements need to be precise to best detect ignition emissions around the globe.

At MRU Instruments we’ve made it our mission to provide the most efficient opacity meter on the market. Our high-quality instruments give you the confidence to easily measure emissions with minimum maintenance required and an easy setup. Obtaining adequate measurements of poisonous gas emissions is a must. We’ve prioritized safety and reliability across all our products with guaranteed satisfaction.