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3 Reasons to Buy Your Gas Analyzers from MRU Instruments

portable gas analyzer is used throughout a variety of industries. Power plants, oil refineries, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities are just a few of the places these devices are needed. When shopping around for the right portable gas analyzer, you’re sure to come across a plethora of options. However, few of these products even begin to measure up to the state-of-the-art gas analyzers manufactured by MRU Instruments. If consistently reliable gas analyzers are what you’re after, consider the benefits of giving your business to MRU.

An Array of Options

No matter what type of portable gas analyzer you’re in the market for, we have you covered. Our top-of-the-line analyzers come in stationary, portable, and handheld varieties, ensuring their usefulness across a wide range of industries and applications. The handheld models, in particular, are ideal for individuals who regularly have to monitor gas in a number of different areas.

Ease of Use

A portable gas analyzer from MRU Instruments is very easy to get the hang of. Nearly every model is equipped with a user-friendly digital interface and presents accurate, detail-oriented results in an easy-to-read manner. Furthermore, the customizable screen settings and dirt-resistant keypads found on smaller models make inputting data a breeze.

Incredible Accuracy

An enviable degree of accuracy is arguably the biggest perk associated with our portable gas analyzer selection. In addition to being able to simultaneously measure multiple gas components, these devices can calculate emissions and determine gas temperature in a timely and meticulously accurate manner.

Analyzing gas is not something any organization can afford to take lightly. For the sake of the people who populate your workplace and the residents of the surrounding area, look for the best of the best when purchasing new analyzers. With over three decades of experience and a growing roster of satisfied clients, MRU Instruments is widely considered the authority on cutting-edge gas-analyzation tools.