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Emission Monitoring Tools Every Power Plant Needs

In light of the growing threat of climate change, power plants across the globe are now taking measures to carefully monitor their emissions. In addition to helping reduce your plant’s carbon footprint, a reliable emission analyzer tool can keep your workers safe from unseen threats. When looking for instruments to add to your plant’s emission monitoring system, don’t overlook the following tools.

Gas Detectors

Emission monitoring systems are never complete without state-of-the-art gas detectors, like the ones manufactured by MRU Instruments. We design and manufacture a dependable assortment of carbon monoxide and combustible gas detectors that can play a vital role in both preventing and containing serious leaks. In addition, these emission analyzer devices are highly portable and feature easy-to-use digital interfaces.

Gas Analyzers

In addition to preventing leaks, you’ll need to regularly analyze the potency and combustibility of the gasses found in your plant. This is where our user-friendly gas analyzers come into play. Incredibly efficient, such an emission analyzer provides comprehensive combustion analyses and is available in portable, handheld and stationary varieties. Additionally, their convenient touch-screen controls ensure hassle-free functionality.


Manometers are an emission analyzer needed to measure the pressure levels of the various gases and liquids found throughout your plant. These tools can also be used to measure airflow speeds. Manometers don’t get more accurate than our Precision Digital Manometers. PDMs are outfitted with cutting-edge microprocessors and controlled piezoelectric pressure sensors. They’re also capable of indicating values in mbar, psi, bar, hPa, or cmH20. Furthermore, a PDM’s infrared interface makes synching it easy to synch up with most modern-day printers.

Not only is emission monitoring through the use of an emission analyzer a wise move on the part of plant operators; it’s also the law in a growing number of countries. To ensure the safety of your plant, your workers, and the surrounding area, take care to keep your emissions firmly in check — an endeavor in which the tools mentioned above can prove helpful.