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Gas Analyzers for Every Need

Handheld Gas Analyzers

For industrial combustion and emission analysis, reach for the AMPRO 2000 which can measure up to seven gas components. This high-tech gas analyzer contains internal data storage for a whopping 16,000 measurements! Another handheld gas analyzer you can choose from is the OPTIMA 7 Biogas Analyzer. This handy analyzer is perfect for measuring biogas, flue gas, and cogeneration engine measurements.

Portable Gas Analyzers

For more accuracy while retaining convenience and mobility, try a portable gas analyzer. We have several high-accuracy analyzers to fit any kind of need, like the MGAprime for NDIR emission and process gas monitoring. We also have the NOVA Compact Combustion Gas Analyzer, which can simultaneously measure up to five gas components.

There is also the NOVA PLUS IV analyzer for Combustion and Emission monitoring. This robust multi-gas analyzer can measure up to eight gas components simultaneously. Also from Nova, comes the NOVAplus BIOGAS analyzer for biogas and cogeneration CHP engine emission measurements. Finally in the portable category, we have the VARIO luxx for high accuracy and portability in industrial settings.

Stationary Gas Analyzers

For continuous, real-time analysis, consider a stationary gas analyzer from MRU Instruments. First, we have the DM 401 dust opacity monitoring system for continuous In-Situ measurement. Next we have a series of OMS gas analyzers for varying levels of Oxygen and combustibles monitoring. Then, we have the SWG 100 Biogas analyzer and the SWG 100 Biogas Compact Analyzer for various biogas measurements. The Compact Analyzer is very cost effective as it provides discontinuous measurements that can be set by the user for up to 24 measurements in 24 hours.

Also from SWG, you will find the 100 CEM model for continuous emission monitoring which uses the extractive method. There is also the SWG 200 model which uses both IR and electrochemical sensors to measure process gas. One more option from SWG is the SWG 300-1 Complete CEM System. This multi-component gas analyzer is based on the extractive, cold dry method and uses NDIR modules to measure continuously, selectively, and accurately.

Browse our full selection of gas analyzers to find the right one for you. To receive more information about the services we offer at MRU Instruments, contact us today at 1-832-230-0155.