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Emission monitoring systems are a complete set of tools used for determining the presence and measuring the concentration of certain gases, mainly released during industrial or mechanical processes involving combustion. These gases have an adverse effect on human health and the environment, therefore their detection and measurement are essential for stakeholders involved to neutralize them upon release. A vast majority of industries including steel, cement, glass, as well as breweries, power plants, boiler manufacturers, and refineries use gas analyzer technology alongside other tools for this process.

These systems are deemed a useful asset by both industries and individuals for various reasons. For instance, the use of an automotive exhaust gas analyzer helps automobile manufacturers develop fuel-efficient vehicles that combust better thereby reducing the rate of incomplete combustion that chiefly results in the release of certain dangerous gases like Carbon Monoxide (CO). Similarly, the use of portable combustion analyzers and gas detectors can prevent fire outbreaks in both residential and commercial installations. These gas analyzers give accurate readings on the various gas levels and are necessary to keep air quality safe for inhalation.

Emission monitoring systems also serve as a means of helping industries comply with federal air emission standards. The system consists primarily of tools that measure gas concentration, those that eliminate components (such as water which would interfere with readings), and another that collects and stores data for further analysis. Continuous use of EMS guarantees that emission levels are closely monitored and kept in compliance with government regulations. On a broader scale, beyond immediate industrial and individual benefits, a means of detecting and measuring emission would bring about more efficient innovation for neutralization, thereby preserving the environment for future generations to come. The fact that emission monitoring systems play a part in reducing environmental toxins is one of the reasons why it is such a great asset.

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