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What Is a Smoke Opacity Meter and How Does an Opacity Meter Work?

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What is a smoke opacity meter?

A smoke opacity meter is a device used to diagnose the proper functioning of diesel engines. The amount of light blocked in the smoke released by diesel engines from vehicles, trucks, ships, buses, motorcycles, locomotives, and large stacks from industrial operations are detected and measured using opacity meters. The smoke meter readout shows the density of smoke, which is an indicator of combustion efficiency. It is an excellent tool to ensure the well-being of engines and helps to improve fuel economy and protect the environment.

What do you mean by opacity measurement?

Opacity measurement calculates the value of particulate matter emission by diesel engines. Particulate matter is collectively used for smoke and dust. A conspicuous plume of smoke leaving the stack is one of the most noticeable indicators of PM pollution. Some light is lost as it passes through a gas containing smoke and dust due to scattering, absorption, and reflection by the particles. Since the amount of light lost is proportional to the number and size of the particles, it can be used to estimate the PM concentration in the stack.

How do you measure opacity and how does the opacity meter work?

Smoke opacity meters calculate the optical properties of diesel smoke with an indirect method of calculating diesel particulate emissions. The fraction of light lost in passing the stack is measured by opacity, which is a measure of light attenuation. This value is measured and recorded directly by an opacity meter. The optical characteristics of the stack gas are measured with an opacity meter, and the value is used to determine the PM concentration in mg/m3. The equation makes use of a calibration factor that is special to that installation.

How to find a reliable opacity meter?

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