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Applications and Importance of Industrial Gas Analyzers

To ensure the safety of the workers at your manufacturing plant or warehouse, a gas analyzer is a boon! Flue gas analysis is not time-consuming and expensive anymore. Now, if you are wondering where to get a reliable one, MRU Instruments offers a premium, high-quality flue gas analysis system- SWG200-CEM. It’s a real treat if you used to spend hours and days analyzing and monitoring emissions.

The rugged, low-cost industrial gas analyzer is a marvel in itself as it detects a number of gases including O2, CO, CO2, NO, NOx, SO2, H2, CH4, CxHy, C3H8, N2O, and NO2, which most analyzers fail to detect. The flue gas analysis system SWG200-CEM is suitable for flue gas, stack gas, exhaust gas emission sites of relatively clean combustion sites. It can be used for diesel gen-sets, biomass boilers, methane/natural gas boilers, landfill gas/biogas CHP, bagasse and biomass boilers, and many other industries.

In case you are not well aware of what is meant by flue gas analysis and the importance of flue gas analysis, here is a brief introduction for you! Flue gas analysis tells you whether you’re getting the most out of your fuel in terms of achieving maximum possible carbon combustion. You can use the emission analyzer to analyze the flue gas to see how it affects the atmosphere and check if you’re in compliance with emissions regulations.

It is important to conduct analysis of flue gas regularly because not only does it contribute to environmental degradation and global warming but it also significantly harms human beings. Continuous monitoring can ensure the well-being of humans working around and the environment! Also, one added advantage is that an emission analyzer will also help you know the performance of your system and you will be able to ensure that your plant is achieving optimal efficiency!