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Benefits of a Digital Manometer Over a Traditional Manometer

A manometer is a device that is used to measure pressure. Traditionally, manometers used to rely on a hydrostatic balance of fluids to find the value of the pressure. However, with a huge advancement in technology, digital manometers work in a completely different way. The contemporary manometers are electronic manometers and are referred to as digital manometers. They use a pressure transducer to convert the observed pressure level into a characteristic value that would represent the magnitude of the pressure.

Digital manometers are a lot more convenient as compared to traditional ones. As a result, digital manometers have replaced their traditional counterparts. Discussed below are a few benefits of the updated version of manometers:


  1. PORTABLE: Digital manometers are lightweight and portable, therefore, they can be used to gauge pressure anywhere, while the old kinds could not be carried everywhere.
  2. FLEXIBLE: Unlike the older ones, they do not need the surface to be leveled in order to provide accurate results of pressure.
  3. PLC: For industrial use or certain analysis, they make things go easy and smooth as they are able to interface with computers and programmable logic controllers.
  4. REDUCES HUMAN ERROR: They feature displays and give numeric values that are easy to read and significantly removes the scope of error of human judgment.
  5. AUTOMATICALLY CORRECT DEVIATIONS: With the help of software programming, the digital manometers can themselves correct deviations from standard conditions, reducing the amount of human effort.
  6. MAINTAIN A RECORD: If required, the users can take advantage of the option to record all the observations for future reference and study.
  7. DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE: It measures pressure variations across two points and gives the value of differential pressure which is used for weather forecasting and other purposes.
  8. WIDE USAGE: A digital manometer can be used for many more purposes than a traditional one. It can be used at homes to monitor different propane-driven appliances like barbeque grills. It can also detect faults in air ACs and gas leakage.

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