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SWG 200 – Continuous Emission Monitor

Rugged, Low-Cost Industrial Gas Analyzer
  • Use of optimized NDIR technology with improved accuracy and without zero offset
  • Automatic calibration for up to 4 gas cylinders
  • Double stage Peltier gas cooler with 2 automatic condensate pumps
  • Cold/dry gas sampling with low sample flow volume of only 1 l/min



  • The rugged, low cost industrial gas analyzer for:
    • Flue gas / stack gas / exhaust gas emission sites of relatively clean combustion sites
    • Diesel gensets / biomass boilers
    • Methane / natural gas boilers
    • Landfill gas / biogas CHP’s
    • Bagasse and biomass boilers
    • Many other industries


  • Make your combustion process more cost-effective.
  • Get the data to show your organization cares about the environment.


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SWG200-CEM stationary gas emissions analyzer with:

  • IP54 aluminum cabinet with anti-corrosive red structural lacquer and monitored fan ventilation
  • Included dual heat ex changer Peltier gas cooler with two automatic condensate draining pumps
  • Efficient sample gas filtration using PTFE sintered particulate filter
  • Regulated sample gas pump with sample gas flow monitoring and alarm
  • Filtration of acid gases to protect the internal sample gas flow sensor
  • Solenoid valve for auto-zero with clean ambient air
  • Solenoid valve for calibration gas, with aluminum fine pressure regulator at cal. gas inlet port
  • Human machine interface with color TFT display, keyboard and standard RS485 interface (Modbus RTU)
  • All password protected, intuitive software guided menu, with diagnosis software and logbook
  • Power supply analyzer only 230Vac / 47-63Hz / 90W (110Vac power supply on request)
  • Total length of all heated sampling lines more than 60m, requires 3-phase power supply (L1 ; L2 ; L3 ; N ; PE)
  • Clean indoor mounting place, preferably air conditioned
  • Outdoor mounting place in clean, 41°F to 113°F (+5°C to 45°C) ambient, with mandatory sun & rain protection (user scope)
O2 (electrochemical) 0 … 25 %
O2 (paramagnetic) 0 … 25 %
NO (NDIR) 0 … 200/4,000 ppm
NO2 (NDIR) 0 … 150/500 ppm
SO2 (NDIR) 0 … 200/4,000 ppm
CO2 (NDIR) 0 … 40 %
CO (NDIR) 0 … 200/10,000 ppm
N2O (NDIR) 0 … 100/500 ppm
CH4 (NDIR) 0 … 500/10,000 ppm
C3H8 (NDIR) 0 … 200/5,000 ppm
H2S (electrochemical) 0 … 2,000/5,000 ppm
H2 (electrochemical) 0 … 1,000/2,000 ppm



Zero point deviation negligible due to automatic zeroing
Deviation less than 0.2% of the measuring range per month
Calculated components NOx: NO + NO₂, calculated ppm or mg / m3, user-selectable O₂ reference
combustion calculations (efficiency, heat loss) on special request
Display Illuminated 3.5 “TFT color display
Interfaces Illuminated keyboard, password-protected operation
4 analog outputs 4 … 20 mA, galvanically isolated, max. load: 500 R
2 alarm relays, potential-free contacts: 24 Vdc, 5 A
Data storage and data logger on SD card
RS 485 digital interface (Modbus RTU
DIN rail RS 485, to ProfiBus converter or to Ethernet converter
Gas sampling probe HD gas sampling probe, heated ceramic filter with backpurge,
or gas sampling probe HD-GW, heated glass wool filter,
or LD gas sampling probe, unheated with in-situ sintered metal filter,
heated or unheated gas sampling line, PTFE DN 4/6 mm
Gas conditioning Thermo-electric gas cooler (Peltier) with constant 39.2°F (+4 ° C) dew point
Teflon particle filter, internal Viton tubing
Monitored and regulated gas sampling pump
Constant gas flow of 13gal/h (50 l/h)
Gas inlet pressure: -80 inH2O … +80 inH2O (-200 … +200 mbar) (hPa)
Sample gas outlet: atmospheric pressure
Housing Aluminum housing with red textured paint, continuously monitored housing ventilation with alarm,antifreeze heater 200 W (option)
Operating temperature (41°F … 113°F) or (14°F … 113°F) with heated housing

(+5 … +45 °C) or (-10 … +45 °C) with housing heating

Power supply Universal: 90 … 240 Vac, 47 … 63 Hz, 90 W (300 W with heating)
Protection IP 54
Dimensions (H x W x D) 31.48″ x 27.55″ x 11.02″

(H x W x D) 700 x 800 x 280 mm

suitable for wall mounting

Weight approx. 55 lbs (25 kg)

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