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SWG 100 Biogas – Stationary Biogas Analyzer


Power up your biogas production with our stationary analyzer – Always Monitoring, Always Reliable
  • Up to 10 sites monitoring via. time sharing
  • Efficient gas prep provides fast and reliable measurement
  • Fresh air and auto zero
  • Auto calibration
  • Sampling flow from low suction up to high pressure gas

  • (*2) NOTE: as stand-alone or in combination with #12269 plus #66051 or combined with #12117 dilution system
  • (*4) NOTE: the sensor can be used stand-alone or together with #12117 dilution system or with #12269
  • (*5) NOTE: use only in combination with H2 immune H2S sensor

NOTE: Only for mounting at wet & dirty sampling point with condensate higher than 14ml/min.
ADD one for each additional sampling point MAX 9.

Incl. external control via 4x contacts and 4channel analog input 4-20mA
Note: recommended is using one module for each sampling point. One module for each port.

Select Quantity in Meters. 9 additional ports can be added.

(client scope)

Product total
Options total
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STANDARD ANALYZER CONFIGURATION # 951002 # 951006UL # 951002LFG # 951030
regulated sample gas pump with sample gas flow monitoring and adjustment
filtration of sample gas and of acid gases before internal sample flow sensor
sampling from low suction -100mbar up to +250mbar (including OPTION 12652)
solenoid valve for auto-zero (with clean ambient air) and for automatic calibration using permanently attached gas mixture cylinder (user scope of supply)
sample gas supply cut-off in case of system alarm, using “fail-safe” solenoid valve (normally closed), including one sample gas sampling inlet port
all stainless steel gas connectors 1/8”ID threads, with 6mm bulkhead compression fittings (also replaceable by user)
stainless steel adapter 1/8”I – 1/8”O, with flow restrictor orifice, to be mounted at sample gas inlet from high pressure sampling
human machine interface with color TFT display, keyboard and RS485 interface (Modbus RTU)
all password protected, intuitive software guided menu, with diagnosis software and logbook
External Main Switch
UL Certified
Dilution system 1:50 for continuous measurement of H2S sample gas


  • Stationary biogas analyzer
  • Analyzer for biogas, bio-methane, landfill-gas, coal bed methane


  • Make your biogas process more cost-effective.
  • Get the data to show your organization cares about the environment.


Bio Gas / Landfill / CHP, Biogas / Landfill / CHP, CH4, CO, CO2 Measured, H2, H2S, O2, simple

  • for Bio-gas, Bio-methane, Landfill-gas, Coal bed Methane
  • SWG 100 – BIOGAS – Instrument main features are:
  • industry compatible rugged design for harsh industrial environment
  • standard system safety included with continuously monitored fan ventilation of cabinet,
  • gas flow restrictor orifice at gas inlet
  • efficient sample gas preparation for fast and reliable measurements
  • sampling from low suction up to high pressure gas
  • no dilution of the sample gas, neither use of compressed air is required
  • direct and continuous/discontinuous measurement, with pressure and temperature compensation and event data logging
  • up to 10 sites monitoring (time sharing technique) with only one analyzer
  • ready to run delivery,
Measuring ranges
O2 – Oxygen 0 … 25 % electrochemical
CO2 – Carbon dioxide 0 … 100% NDIR
CH4 – Metahne 0 … 100% NDIR
H2S – Hydrogen sulfide 0 ….. 200 ppm / 1,000ppm electro-chemical (discontinuous) or
0 …5,000 ppm / 10,000ppm electro-chemical (continuous)
H2 – Hydrogen 0 … 1,000 / 2,000ppm (continuous)
CO – Carbon monoxide 0 … 4,000ppm / 10,000ppm electro-chemical (continuous)
Dimensions and other data
Operating temperature 41°F …113°F (+5°C…+45°C) or -4°F …113°F (-20°C…+45°C) with cabinet heater
Power supply Universal 90 – 240 Vac / 47 – 63 Hz / 90 W (300 W with cabinet heater)
Protection class IP 54

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