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Continuous Emission Monitoring

  • DF 252 Analyzer
    Gas flow velocity and flow rate measurement
    • Flow rate calculation (m3/sec) after entering the stack surface.
    • With flue gas temperature and absolute pressure measurements
    • With optional heater for low ambient temperature and optional blow-back for dusty flue gas
    • Unit in weatherproof glass fiber housing
  • DM 401 Analyzer
    DUST OPACITY MONITORING SYSTEM. Double pass opacity monitor. Continuous in-situ measurement.
    • Double pass opacity monitor
    • Small and light-weight
    • Low operating cost
    • Minimal maintenance – no moving parts
    • Long Life green LED
  • SWG 100 CEM Analyzer
    Stationary Analyzer for Continuous Emission Monitoring
    • up to 6 gas simultaneous measurement
    • Advanced sample gas preparation for fast and reliable measurements
    • Simple installation, ready to run delivery and easy to maintain.
    • Heated gas sampling probe
  • SWG 300 CEMS Analyzer INDOOR
    Complete CEM system for emissions monitoring
    • dual heat exchanger M&C Peltier gas cooler with double automatic condensate draining pumps
    • Efficient sample gas filtration using PTFE sintered particulate filter
    • Condensate monitoring and alarm on display and gas sampling stop in case of alarm
    • Filtration of acid gases to protect the internal sample gas flow sensor