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How To Measure a Gas Accurately Using a Flue Gas Analyzer?

A flue gas analyzer is an appliance that operates flue gases for emissions and efficiency purposes and it may be an inexpensive hand-held instrument or a large unit that is permanently installed with a flue in manufacturing industries. The analyzer has an internal memory system that stores gas readings information until the real values are filled into a computer system for further gas analysis. Some huge models are connected directly to printers, so companies can have hard copies of their information.


SWG 200 CEM Analyzer

A flue gas analyzer is used when it is put into the flue of a boiler, warm furnace, or other sources of combustion that have a high temperature. There are few analyzers that may be used but these depend upon the type of gas being measured. Some of the analyzers use infrared meters for accurate reading and data, while others measure the electrochemical data of gas, but both of them are perfect to use.

Working of Flue Gas Analyzer

The probe model is most popular among people, a flue gas analyzer does not necessarily require the use of a probe to monitor the gas in the flue. For example, an analyzer may pump the gas from the flue through a tube that is attached to the instrument. 

Sometimes, it requires a bit more effort to measure or monitor a gas accurately using a flue gas analyzer because some gases, such as hydrogen chloride or sulfuric dioxide, require that the tube connected to the analyzer be heated properly. Heating the tube avoids some gases from condensing into a liquid before they can be measured. Some gases need to be cooled down by using an instrument called a Peltier cooler which cooled the gases for further operation. The Peltier cooler cools a surface so a tube can transfer the gas to the analyzer in which any moisture in the gas will be removed before it is measured. By using MRU instruments, you can measure the pollution data of a company to see if their appliances are emitting which types of harmful gases into the air to create pollution.