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The extraction probe is the device that connects your analyzer to the boiler or furnace, from where you want to extract the gas. The probe and sampling line are designed to perform 3 tasks. Measure the gas temperature. Extract the sample gas. Provide the draft pressure in the stack. All this is done simultaneously.

What are automotive exhaust gas analyzers and why are they necessary?

The significance of upkeep in vehicles can’t be downplayed. Individuals make sure to get their vehicles cleaned consistently yet regularly neglect to utilize an automotive exhaust gas analyzer, which is intended to distinguish any support issues in vehicles so they can be amended appropriately. Ignoring such issues can cause genuine repercussions later on. It is […]

How Emission Analyzers Ensure Better Equipment Performance

Are you looking for insights on how to maximize the performance of the equipment being used at your factory? We understand that having a successful and fully functioning warehouse largely depends on the efficiency of the equipment. To ensure maximum performance, you need to know of the toxic gases that are mostly found in warehouses/factories. […]